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The Home Of Wild Mushrooms

We collect, package, and deliver a large variety of wild mushrooms and truffles directly from the forests of Transilvania to the finest restaurants throughout Europe. 

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About Us

We are a family-owned business based in Romania. With an experience of over 14 years in collecting the finest quality wild mushrooms and truffles as well as several types of wild forest fruits.

Our main focus during the season of mushroom hunting is to collect and deliver our fresh products to the Chefs and kitchens of the finest restaurants in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy on a weekly basis. We also serve large scale wholesalers and farmers markets throughout Europe.

Our Products

We offer fresh mushrooms during the season as well as frozen and dried mushrooms year-round from the following species.

Boletus Edulis

Known as: King Bolete, Penny Bun, Cep, Porcino or Porcini Mushroom

Cantharellus Cibarius

Known as: Golden Chanterelle and Egg Mushroom

Amanita Caesarea

Known as: Caesar’s Mushroom

Morchella Esculenta

Known as: Morel Mushroom or Sponge

Tuber Magnatum

Known as: White Italian Mushroom

Tuber Aestivum

Known as: The Summer Truffle



Vasile Alecsandri 19, Simleu Silvaniei, Romania 455300




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